When A Daughter Cries


when a mother cries
her tears stab at her daughter’s heart
as they plummet to the floor

when a mother cries
he daughter cries too
because her heroine is wounded and she doesn’t know how or why
she cries because she cannot rid her mother of the pain
she cries most of all because she loves her mother

when a daughter cries because her mother cries,
her mother cries more
because her weakness has hurt her child
she cries because it hurts to know she’s the cause of her daughter’s tears.
she cries most of all because she loves her daughter

once the tears have ceased however
love remains
the love forever shared between a mother and her daughter

Portia Lane http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-daughter-cries/


16 thoughts on “When A Daughter Cries

  1. the love you share
    the words that say you care
    those moments between you and your daughter
    those drops of peace and happiness and joy
    save them like drops of pearls
    save them like diamonds rare
    that is a form of unending love
    that gives and gives and never expects
    be there like a rock for your child
    and i am sure she would win and survive
    our world is one of miracles too
    our world is an oasis rarities
    and your child too shall her courage prove
    just be there with a smile always
    give her the courage to stand taller than before
    she shall overcome her struggles soon
    prove all wrong and herself right
    she must win and win this time
    make sure you are there to know
    witness her strength, her wars, her fight
    love can kill the worst of fears and
    happiness shall soon return
    changing the way she views her life…

    with love and regards…

    Dedicated to Vic and her wonderful Mom. :)


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