Vic’s sacred tears

There is a Sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable Love. ~Washington Irving

I have been quite busy album-making for Christmas.  Over the past month I have gone through thousands of photos!

One of the most touching photos I came across, was a photo of Vic where she is crying.  She was not crying from pain or fear.  She was crying from pride and happiness…

tears of pride and joy........
tears of pride and joy……..

Then I saw this “Status” of an old schoolfriend and I knew I had to post about the sacredness of tears.  I posted the quote earlier but after going through the photographs I decided to actually write about Vic’s tears.

Vic was a little girl of about 7 years of age.  We were driving home from the school sports day.  I looked in the mirror and saw the tears running down her cheeks….

What’s wrong angel?  I asked

“I also want to run Mommy….” She said

I have seen tears of pain in her eyes more times than I wish to remember.

I have seen tears of fear shimmering in her eyes many, many times.

I have seen tears of sadness roll down her cheeks…tears of despair…

Tears of fear
Tears of pain

I have seen tears of resignation

I have also seen tears in the eyes of her Gastrointestinal Surgeon when he said “No More”

But the tears that I will always want to remember are the tears of pride that Vic has cried.  She has cried at Jon-Daniel’s Prize Giving’s, school concerts and when Jared plays guitar in Church and at recitals, Jared’s confirmation…

Vic’s tears are sacred.  They are like rain on the windows to her soul.  In the words of Eileen Mayhew” “Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul.”

I love you angel child!  Maybe you will cry tears of happiness again one day…

8 thoughts on “Vic’s sacred tears

  1. Yes an again I’m crying here after reading what my niece is going through. Only a mother can be so strong – thank you for sharing this with uis Ters – nie een van ons ry hierdie boodjie nie maar ek glo jy gee ons ‘n effense insig oor hoe groot ‘n vrou/moeder se waarde Is as dit kom by haar kind


  2. A very searing post. On a more prosaic note, I wonder you have the time to go through thousands of photos, what with looking after Vic and working, and well done for that as well as everything else!


  3. My tears flow with you and Vic. I just remember the good or the bad or the pain and the sad and my tears roll down my cheeks with you. But let not our tears put the candle out. It must keep glowing to remind us of the Joy and Sadness. But memories that will last with us for ever. You are both special to me. Lots of love Gillian


  4. “Like rain on the windows of her soul” Oh tersia how precious this post is. My dearest Friend I have a thing about tears, they are the souls way of absorbing what is painful an delightful The soul says just feel it no mater what.
    How awesome that Vic knows her soul so well.


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