Rest in Peace My Angle Child 22.1.2013


Where do I start?  How do I begin a farewell when I still can’t believe you’re gone?  How do I say goodbye to a part of my soul?

The day you were born I experienced this UNBELIEVABLE rush of love.  I was smitten from the first second I lay eyes on you.

You came into my life and changed me forever.  Over the years people have complimented me for being a good mother but I truly cannot take credit for that.  You were born good, and great and amazing.  You were the one who taught me lessons in life.  I believe you are an angel God sent to teach me.

You taught me love.  You taught me honesty.  You taught me to love unconditionally.  You taught me how to forgive and how to be strong.  You are the strongest person I have ever known.  You gave me strength when I was weak.  When times were sad and tough you reminded me to be grateful for the small things in life.  You taught me how to be myself.  Most of all you taught me about life and how to live.

When you were diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta at the age of 18 months and the doctors told me I should wrap you in cotton wool and wait for you to die you taught me it was more important to feel and grow like any other child than to have me hide you under my wing.   It was so important to you to live.  And that you did.  You gave birth to not one beautiful baby but two!  You mothered the boys the way you lived life – with a passion.

You are the bravest person in the world.  You rewrote medical history.  You defied death for so many years… You mocked bad news and a poor prognosis…


You made me so proud.  You have always been my greatest pride and joy.  At school you excelled as a pianist.  As a mommy you were an example to all.  As a dying person you were brave beyond words.

I’m not sure how I can live this life without you.  You worried about me just as much as I worried about you.  You told everyone how worried you were that I would not cope without you.  You fought so hard to stay alive.  You fought until you gave your very last breath.  You did not want to leave your boys.  You lived for your boys.

You often said you were scared people would forget you…

No-one will ever forget you.  You made an incredible impact on the world.  You left two monuments of your love and mothering skills.  Your sons will honour you every day of their lives with their actions.

Your dream of a Hospice for Alberton has been realised in Stepping Stone. Thousands of people will benefit from your dream and compassion in years to come.  It is ironic that you were Stepping Stone’s first death…

Two weeks before your passing you  started seeing angels.  You saw Gramps, Uncle Dries, your father and Auntie Marlene.  Then a week before your passing you said “My whole room is full of angels”  You fought to stay alive every single day of your life.  Eleven months ago you called a family meeting and told us that you had decided enough is enough.  No more surgeries.  No more hospitals.

Over the past 11 months you made your final wishes known.  You planned your memorial service.  You spoke to the boys about what was important.  I personally got a long list of do’s and don’t’s.

Just before Christmas you said you were worried about me. That you could see I thought you would bounce back again…You said you were dying…You could feel the changes in your body.  But like 95% of the people in this church today I honestly though you would bounce back and defy death once again!

The day you were born you filled my entire life.  You were always my first and last thought.  I feel numb and as if I am in a bubble.  You will be happy to know that we have been surrounded by love and support.  But it still feels as if the world should have stopped because you left it.

Vic, I miss you so much already and I don’t know if I can take this pain anymore.  But then I think, how can I be sad when I know you’re in a better place?  How can I be sad when you brought me so much happiness?   How can I be sad when God is already working miracles through you?  How can I be sad when I feel like the luckiest person on earth to have been chosen to be your mother?  How can I be sad when God gave you to me for 14,019 days, 20 hours and 15 minutes?  I thank God every day for the time we shared together.

Baby I promise you today we will be the support system for the boys you wanted.  We love them so much.  No-one in the world can ever take your place.  We promise we will keep your memories alive.  We will honour our promises to you.

So now we must bid you farewell.  It is your time to run, free from pain and suffering.  We will always love you.  We will never forget you.

Rest in Peace my Angel Child. 



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I am a sixty plenty wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend. I started blogging as a coping mechanism during my beautiful daughter's final journey. Vic was desperately ill for 10 years after a botched back operation. Vic's Journey ended on 18 January 2013 at 10:35. She was the most courageous person in the world and has inspired thousands of people all over the world. Vic's two boys are monuments of her existence. She was an amazing mother, daughter, sister and friend. I will miss you today, tomorrow and forever my Angle Child.

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    1. Hi Tersia. So jammer om te hoor oor Vic. Jy is in my gebede. Hierdie is so ‘n pragtige stuk wat jy geskryf het. Ek het jou blog dikwels gelees….baie dankie daarvoor. Vic leaves behind such a beautiful legacy. Her legacy will always live on. Lots of love and blessings to you and your family.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful and moving tribute to your angel! Vicki lived a good life despite her incredible pain and suffering because she used it to inspire so many. Her legacy will live on. She’s surely smiling down on all of you from heaven. Know that she is safe and home. God bless you all and give you the strength to take the next breath and keep moving…


  2. My heart breaks for you. You and your daughter are what they call ‘Legends’. I’m sure her boys, your grandsons will agree.


  3. I haven’t been online for a while, but read with sadness of Vic’s passing. She is probably head angel, with her big heart and gift of giving. Tersia, I reach across the seas to give you a big hug and tell you that both of you are inspirations, God bless you and the boys.


  4. For me it was a great privilege to be at this Memorial service today. God wanted me to go. Tersia, I honour you and the majestic role you played in the life of your daughter Vicky. I think of you and I pray that God will give you peace and understanding. You are special.


  5. This is a beautiful tribute, Tersia. May Jesus wrap His arms around you and the boys during this time of grief and loss. Rest assured, Vic has felt the loving embrace of the Lord in person. What a joy that will have been for her. I am sure she will eagerly await the day when you and her boys can join her in the presence of God. I admire your strength, Tersia. Hugs to you.


  6. I wish I could say all the words that I feel in my heart but where and how does one begin.. I loved Vic in a very special way . I had a fondness for her that was unexplainable.. I was not one of Vic’s closest friends ..but I’m a friend nonetheless.. I knew of some of the hardships that Vic went through but never truly understood the depth of her illness and all the trying times that u and your family had endured with Vic.. I started following your blogs and only then started to comprehend what u were all going through …and yes Tersia u can say that through Vics illness God is working miracles..because I started looking at my own life ..where my faults lie and things I’ve done and should be doing without complaining …I’m thankful that I still have a chance to right my wrongs and to have another day, week, year, or who knows a lifetime to be with my family…I learnt that we shouldn’t hold back from letting people or loved ones know how much we value them while they are alive and not just when they gone.. I live with the regret of not spending enough time with someone as corageous as Vic ..a women who I’ve admired for so many years …I wish I had one last moment with u …just to see you smile…I know that u will forever be looking down ….your name tatooed across my heart … Rest in peace dear one….. Tersia, Jon-Daniel, Jared, Danie *nd all Vics family and friends ..may u all find comfort in knowing that u had the honor of sharing your life with an inspirational women …may Vicky rest in peace and let her name live in our hearts forever…love u Vicky …


    1. Dear Joana what a beautiful tribute! Thank you!! You and Vic were bound together by your love of your sons and the fact that you are/were beautiful mothers! Vic was so proud of your boys achievements!! Thank you for your beautiful words and being Vic’s friend in life. We do not have to see someone every day to be friends. Vic treasured your friendship. Love always


  7. That is such a moving oration, you were inspired by Vic. She has finished what she had to do in this world,which was an example to us all, but you are strong enough to carry on and look after the boys and honour her memory. Thinking of you all in your loss.


  8. How beautifully and movingly you write of your daughter, of her life and her loss. My thoughts are with you. May she rest in peace and love and you take comfort from the fact that she is no longer suffering and no longer in pain.


      1. And still you have the strength to stick with your blog and reply to someone unknown, like me.
        You are quite remarkable.


  9. What a beautiful and moving tribute to Vic, you are one very strong lady Tersia. Praying for you and the family as you adjust to a new reality without Vic’s physical presence, I know she will always be in your hearts.


  10. such deep sadness and pain, even when i was saying fly away from this suffering little one, and his last breath left him and peace took over his face, i didn’t think my heart would continue to beat while broken in two. I’m so sorry for your loss.


  11. My thoughts, blessings and prayers of strength for you and Vic’s boys are sent your way. You have opened my eyes to Vic’s strength which has been with me since I reached out for answers nearly two years ago. You are right, Vic has made a difference in this world, and so, dear Tersia, have you.


  12. Many of us who have never even met her will never forget her. I know her story’s changed my life, and the way I think about death. Rest in Peace, Vic. You did it.


  13. You are a wonderful mother and you have kept the good soul of your daughter alive! Her spirit is with you, I am sure! You lived with her through her pain…but also through the good moments of life…blessings on you, her sons, and your family…You were a blessing to her and she to you!


  14. I keep coming back to your site, and each time I read your journey it brings tears to my eyes and my heart aches. You are so brave and are such a good, great mother. As a mother I wonder if I would have had the strength to endure my child’s passing while I chronicled and shepherded the one whom I had birthed through her final journey.

    It was good to read that she lived a full life, and got to experience motherhood. Your two grandchildren must be such a blessing to you. Thanks for sharing your story because ultimately it is one that we will all have to undertake at some point with someone that we love or our own. ~ Ayanna Nahmias


  15. my heart is so full of love and appreciation for being able to share that piece of your life and to get to know the angel vic. she is love. she is her mother’s daughter.

    warm and loving hugs to you


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