When you were small…


When You Were Small

© Linda D. Cope
I often think of you
When you were very small.
You left your fingerprints
On almost every wall.

Back when you were growing up
They were such happy years.
How you would smile and make up games
I remember through my tears

Some day we will be together
In heaven up above.
But for now my little girl
I send you all my love.

June 2007

Source: Death Of Daughter Poem, When You Were Small http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/death-of-daughter-when-you-were-small#ixzz2QANSxWxV

9 thoughts on “When you were small…

  1. I have a piece of constrution paper with my son’s hand prints when he was very small. So I could remember those tiny prints.


    1. I am so grateful that my step-daughter cut a lock of Vic’s hair for me after she died. I wish I had a hand print of Vic’s. I only have her fingerprint on her death certificate.


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