Jon-Daniel writes…I wish



Jon-Daniel is going through a rough time.  He posted this on his Blackberry Status.

I wish there were visiting hours in Heaven.  Miss you my little angel.  We all do!

9 thoughts on “Jon-Daniel writes…I wish

  1. We can’t visit them, but I believe they visit us, in dreams particularly, though we don’t always remember.
    Thank you again for the new award, Tersia. Been busy finishing up novel number two but will claim it soon!


      1. Tersia, sorry to put in this irrelevant comment here – seems insensitive, to put it mildly – but I wanted to say that I simply can’t coy that lovely WordPress Family Award blogger symbol. Now, I know I am a dunce about IT, but I have tried every way, including going to the source, Shaun… Can’t do it, for whatever reason, so I can’t claim it!

        But, I do want to thank you again for nominating me. I wouldn’t have you think I didn’t try and do a post on accepting it. It’s a great idea – cyber space can seem lonely, and the idea of a cyber family out there is a heartening one.




      2. Please don’t stress!! I always just copy and paste and then change the appropriate bits. Try and save the Blogger symbol by right-clicking it and then insert as you would insert a photo. Lots of love!!


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