8 thoughts on “Vic’s song of life

  1. Oh, Tersia – she’s just “somewhere you can’t see.” She isn’t gone. Here’s a link to my acoustic version of a song that I want to dedicate to you today.
    [audio src="http://judyunger.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/love-that-heals-me-6_29_13.mp3" /]

    Here are lyrics to my chorus:
    I hold on to love that’s in my memory
    you’re not gone – just somewhere I can’t see
    I won’t live in misery
    because your love rescues me
    it’s your love that rescues me

    I love you, Tersia. For me, music is like god. It inspires me and makes my life magical. It is very healing and I need to continue healing as my life journey continues.


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