I miss you Angel Child

At 10.35 today it will be exactly 7 months since my beautiful child lost her battle to live.  It will be 213 days…..

  • 18,403,200 seconds
  • 306,720 minutes
  • 5112 hours
  • 213 days
  • 30 weeks and 2 days


14 thoughts on “I miss you Angel Child

  1. Oh, Tersia. You are held tight in the grip of horrific grief. Simply knowing that someday you will wrench free from such a suffocating grasp brings no relief at this moment. You already know you cannot fight it. Flow with the “ocean of tears.” A great deal of the horror is behind you, but you are reliving it. I distinctly remember that the WORST time in my grief came at six months and followed me until the end of the first year. Like an amputation without anesthesia – you are deeply suffering and so many people feel your pain. Keep writing, crying and feeling. The ocean of tears will take you to a new shore. Time takes us farther away from our loved one. That is the agony and the anesthesia. Such conflict that creates! Feel my hug because I’m with you.


      1. I am sorry Tersia x…
        Listen, give me a chat one night, you may be surprised.
        I am always here for you, you know that…Sending you the biggest hug I can send x


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