Racism and Equality

This is such an amazing post – I feel compelled to reblog it.  Thank you Rebel!


There must come a day when we see each other as brothers and sisters. We are all created the same way. If you take away the differences in culture, gender, and possibly religion, we are all, each and every one of us, the same. The color of our skin is the difference. I think perhaps it could be said that we make a beautiful bouquet of human beings. As I look at people I can see how beautiful we are.  If you take a rose garden and wait till all the blooms are flowers, It is so beautiful that it hurts the heart. People are like that. We are beautiful as individuals and in a wonderful group. The beauty comes from being different colors. The reaction comes from fear of what is different.

The differences between White people, Asian people, Brown people, Black people and Native peoples is so minute…

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One thought on “Racism and Equality

  1. This was a great reblog, Tersia. I remember seeing the film on Rosa. I admired her AMAZINGLY, amazingly. To not give up that seat and she was “meant” to. She was awesome.


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