US legal system fails it’s citizens

Raymond's brave mom - Shirley
Raymond’s brave mom – Shirley

A dear blogger friend of mine, Shirley, has had to come to terms with the death of her beloved son Raymond.  Independant toxicology reports clearly show high levels of barium and selenium – both lethal chemicals, in his system.  Yet the legal system has failed Raymond and family.

His widow was jailed for a couple of days for falsifying his will.  His murderers walk free…

I am an avid follower of Law and Order, Special Investigation Unit, CSI, NCIS etc…. Having followed Shirley’s blog it is clear that the amazing forensic work in these TV shows are as futuristic and far fetched as a Star Wars movie.

I am reblogging one of Shirley’s latest posts.  Please pop into her blog and support this brave mother!

Shirley, you are an example and inspiration to many!  I wish I could do something to help you!

Remember “The dead cannot cry out for help – it is the responsibility of the living to do so for them.”

 Raymond Marc Zachry
March 5, 1960 – September 25, 2007

We will never forget, we will never give up
until we have solved the mystery of the
source for the two lethal chemicals that
were listed in Ray’s toxicology during

Barium and selenium are both lethal
according to CDC reports

Death investigation industry gone wild…


At the web site is posted the laboratory toxicology report from the autopsy that was furnished to my physician and another that was furnished to an attorney on my  behalf.  The  two reports are strikingly different.  However both confirm the presence of a lethal chemical in the blood sample furnished by the coroner of Montgomery CountyPennsylvania.  Both of the reports are altered, but by whom?  No one will answer these questions…one report redacted the quantity that was probably more accurate than the one that was later furnished to Coroner at her faxed request…(also posted on this web site).  What to do?

This story posted at, further documents the ailing death investigation industry where coroners have been found to steal body parts that they sell for huge profits.  Where does the money go?


“Lab chemist accused of faking test results may have tainted 40,000 drug cases”  According to the president of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the:  lab analyst in question had unsupervised access to the drug safe and evidence room, and tampered with evidence bags, altered the actual weight of the drugs, did not calibrate machines correctly, and altered samples so that they would test as drugs when they were not.

Ms. Dookhan, who apparently also falsely claimed to have a Master’s degree in chemistry, had a reputation for being the most productive tech in the lab; she would routinely process more than 500 cases per month, when an average tech could only process 50-150 cases per month.

She was also a darling to prosecutors working on drug cases.  This may be because she would reportedly work on cases out of order for some prosecutors when asked, deliberately report negative tests as positive and report results for cases she never even analyzed.

While the impact this one chemist has had is incredible, the state’s public defender is worried there may be more than just one tech who have “cut corners or falsify results.”

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  1. Thank you dear Tersia. This is a grand testimony to Ray and our effort to bring justice for him as well as a community that may be in danger of another ‘release’ of the toxic chemicals. God bless you my friend. Only another mother can understand the pain in our heart when we lose a child, regardless of age.
    I am re-posting your story to Justice for Raymond.


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