The Locket


© Kathy J Parenteau

I have a special locket that rest above my heart,
it holds your beautiful pictures while we must be apart.
It’s my hope that you’re still with me no matter come what may,
so I know that I can talk to you every single day.
When I walk into a storm you’re watching over there,
guiding me to sunny skies with tender loving care.
I’ll never have to be alone you’re always next to me,
you show me love in different ways the eyes could never see.
Your spirit fills my soul with love beyond any explanation,
with pride I’ll wear it every day in total admiration.
Of the woman who changed my life and patiently awaits,
arms wide open to welcome me when I reach heavens gates.
It’s never really good bye if in your heart you do believe,
a mothers love is endless, and never ever leaves.

Source: The Locket, Mourning Poem



8 thoughts on “The Locket

  1. So true. Never alone, always with you and watching over you. Wow! The best is after the greeting at heaven’s gates, that you will be together for all eternity seated at Jesus’s banquet table.


      1. Hi Tersia!
        Eternity goes on and on. All that love, it is going to be awesome. Feel like I still have a mission here, but I can’t wait either.
        Josh put together a playlist CD of songs for me, out of his love for me. The first song is Joe Cocker singing “Darling, be home soon.” Did he know he was leaving? Either way, I listen to that song a lot. It is Josh saying, don’t take too long to come home. I’m here, I am waiting. Your love changed my life.


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