Mother and Child Reunion

It is Friday again.

There is another funeral to attend.

In an hour and a half I have to attend the funeral of my late BFF’s mom who passed away on Tuesday.  My friends mom was like a back-up mom to me.  She was a lady from the top of her dignified head to the tip of her carefully manicured toes.  A gentle soul who had also buried a daughter.  A lady who attended all my loved one’s funerals….

I got so carried away with Stepping Stone Hospice that I neglected to visit her as often as I wanted.  A couple of times I arrived at her home, and she would be out.   She spent the last 7 weeks in hospital, and when I walked into her room, all masked up, she teared up and said “Where have you been?  I have missed you so much.”

So life passes us by.  We become too busy to visit those we love… and then one day, far too soon, they are gone.

She did not fear death.  In fact I think she embraced death in the end.  I know that she is reunited with Marlene.

I wonder whether she will bump into Vic and my Dad?

I am so tired of being sad.  I am so tired of pretending that I am okay – even happy.  I truly wish that it was my funeral today.  That I was the one reunited with her daughter…