The Dr Says….

We live in a harsh world. We live in a dog eat dog world where we turn a blind eye to the hungry, homeless, needy and dying.  I have had the most unfortunate experience of living through my daughter’s inextricably slow death.

Many times I would lie next to her in her bed, and wonder how much fear she was experiencing.  She expressed her fear for the boys, her dad and me.  Never did she talk about her fears for herself.

That I read in the blog of an incredible woman, Sandra Callahan.  Sandra suffers from congestive heart failure.  She is living with her impending death.  This brave woman’s journey gave me insight into my child’s heart and mind.  I am eternally grateful to Sandra for her blog, her raw honesty, her friendship and advice.  Sandra selflessly shares her journey with the world.

I have benefitted from her blog.  Vic benefitted from her blog.  Many people have and will benefit from her journey in the years to come…Sandra has externalized her journey by publishing a book.

I was so honoured when her agent asked me to write a review.  Yet it was a difficult review to write.  How do you say you derived “pleasure” from something as heart-breaking as Sandra book?   How do I thank Sandra for telling me what it feels like to die?  How do I thank her for allowing me to understand my dying daughter’s heart?

Sandra, my friend, thank you for your advice over the past two years.  I carry you in my heart and wish we could have met…

I urge you to buy Sandra’s book.  It is an amazing read.  Read about the beautiful, albeit failing heart, of one of the bravest people you will ever encounter.  Click on this link and you will be one step closer to understanding the brave heart of a dying woman.

The dr says