Mom’s Hugs

“Mom’s hugs are like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – they’re sweet and they stick with you a long time.”  Anonymous

Vic would hug and hold… I hug and release….

Vic once told me I am a lousy hugger.  It was said in jest, but I know that Vic loved hugging for that extra couple of seconds (or minutes).  She loved feeling loved and treasured.  

Vic taught her boys to hug.  She taught them to say “I love you”.  

Vic hugging her late father
Vic hugging her late father
Vic raised "huggers".  I am so grateful!
Vic raised “huggers”. I am so grateful!
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Vic and I always hugged and held hands.
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Vic hugging her precious son…
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A precious moment between Vic and Jon-Daniel
We come from a family of huggers. Here my Dad and Vic are hugging.

Vic’s love was like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  It left a wonderful aftertaste and stuck for a long time.

Love you baby girl.