UK day 3

I woke up at the crack of dawn when Chloe climbed into my bed with me.

“Oumie I cried for you when you went back to South Africa” she whispered as she crawled into my arms

“I cried for you too my baby” I said

“No Oumie, I looked.  You did not cry…”

Chloe was right.  I worked so hard to control my emotions, to not upset the girls further, when I left.  I swallowed my tears until the girls drove off with their Grandad.  As they pulled off I broke down and sobbed.  The tears were streaming down little Chloe’s face…

Today was all about laughing and fun.  I painted Georgia’s face – she wanted whiskers and Chloe wanted the South African flag.   They then decided to paint my face.  Chloe also decided to improve Georgia’s painted face ….

It took a little while to clean off all the face paint!

Face paint!

Yesterday Vic did not a great day.  She vomited and had severe intestinal cramping.  By today she has settled down and doing well.  I am so relieved.  Technology is amazing.  We Skype at night and BBM all day.  I spoke to both the boys tonight.   I miss them so much.

Many years ago Danie Jnr once said to me he always misses someone.  When he is with his Mom he misses his Dad… I often remember those words.  When I am in Johannesburg I miss him and his family.  When I am with him and his family I miss the South African kids and grandkids.

But for now I am basking in the love of my UK grandchildren and kids.  Life is great!