One day less

I am glad the day is over.  I am grateful that I am one day closer to being reunited with my precious child.


Tonight I fulfilled one more of Vic’s wishes.

Twenty five years ago Vic was the bridesmaid at my brother and sister-in-laws wedding.  She looked beautiful in a real grown-up pink dress…  They gave her a string of perfect little pearls which she treasured and wore on very special occasions.

After Vic died I came across the string of pearls with a little note.

The note read: “25 years ago Johan and Henda gave me these because I was their bridesmaid.  I would like to now return it to them…”

She wrote them a note telling them how much she loved them.  She told my brother that he was her hero.  She told my sister-in-law that she was amazing….

Vic and her precious Uncle Johan