Terrorists and angels

I have come to the conclusion that life is about missing people.

When I am in South Africa I miss the UK girls and when I am in the UK I miss the South African grandchildren…

I am having a wonderful time.  The girls are amazing.  Michaela has very aptly nicknamed Georgia, the middle girl, Osama… and Chloe the eldest “Bin Laden”….. Georgia (Osama) has the face of an angel…  She also has a mind of her own.  She knows what she wants and will not compromise!  When Georgia says “Me wants…” she means it!  She is fiercely independent and very bright!  She idolizes her daddy and wants her mommy to put her to bed and lie with her at night!  She falls asleep in the naughty corner…

Osama in disguise!

Chloe (Bin Laden) is heartbreakingly beautiful!  She is 4 years 10 months and just started Big School.  She knows her alphabet and numbers, she can write her own name, identify and read words!  Chloe has a “boyfriend” and she writes him letters “Freddy I love you”….  Chloe remembers South Africa and says she wants to go back home with me.  She has packed a bag and it is standing at the bottom of the staircase!

Bin Laden at rest!

Chloe is a daddy’s Girl.  She challenges her mommy all the time and is stubborn!  She will not apologize if she believes she is in the right!

The family Angel

Mackenzie is an angel!  I think God knew Danie and Michaela needed a break after the first two terrorists!  Her smile reaches her eyes.   Her sisters absolutely adore her.  She is fed-up with her bottle and is ready to switch to a cup like her sisters!

Two more sleeps and the girls go back to their own beds and I go back to missing them!

I am happy to report that Vic is doing well!  I think I am having a mild “separation anxiety” attack but I quickly drowned it in ice-cream!