Whispered secrets

Jared and Jon-Daniel taking Vic for a walk during one of her hospital visits 28.8.2011


4 thoughts on “Whispered secrets

  1. I admire what you are doing for Vic and everyone that loves her with the blog. The journal you keep is extremely moving and loving. I hope it reaches people who have forgotten how truly precious family as well as life are. You are right, so right Life is so unfair, and why does it seem to always happen to the ones who seem to appreciate all they have in their life? I have never understood that concept, of why this is. I can not begin imagine how hard it must be and has been for your entire family, My Heart and Prayers to you all.


  2. It sure is a tough situation, but it is beautiful to see how each one, despite their pain is there for the other. Isn’t that what life’s all about? Traumatic though it is for the moment, it is pain that sculpts the person we shape into and strengthens us…..it is certainly true in my case. Thanks so much for sharing. Vic and the family will be in our prayers,
    Maya, India


  3. Sending you so many good thoughts and wishes. Jon-Daniel and I have the same coping mechanisms. It’s wonderful that they all have someone like you looking out for their interests. Stay strong. <3


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