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An amazing post!!!!  It feels as if is a hoax!  I would love to hear your thoughts on it!


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Disruptions: Medicine That Monitors You



SAN FRANCISCO — They look like normal pills, oblong and a little smaller than a daily vitamin. But if your doctor writes a prescription for these pills in the not-too-distant future, you might hear a new twist on an old cliché: “Take two of these ingestible computers, and they will e-mail me in the morning.”

As society struggles with the privacy implications of wearable computers like Google Glass, scientists, researchers and some start-ups are already preparing the next, even more intrusive wave of computing: ingestible computers and minuscule sensors stuffed inside pills.

The CorTemp pill, from HQ Inc., has a built-in battery and wirelessly transmits real-time body temperature.HQ, Inc.The CorTemp pill, from HQ Inc., has a built-in battery and wirelessly transmits real-time body temperature.

Although these tiny devices are not yet mainstream, some people on the cutting edge are already swallowing them to monitor a range of health data and wirelessly share this information…

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  1. While I’m not exactly a Luddite, things move too fast for me. I’m the one who had her kids born at home to avoid technological births. I’m not that interested in monitoring my insides. If I get sick, I’ll have to deal with it. Next we’ll be forcing people to ingest computers to keep track of their whereabouts. Sure, sounds great when you’re talking about a child molester, but it’s that slippery slope thing.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly, but I also know that I would more than likely have had Vic swallowing them in the hope of it giving her an extra day…


      1. And I hear you. There’s a place for most everything – I can clearly see why you’d have wanted that for Vic. She needed all the help she could get. And yet – she got it all, from you. What a wonderful mother you are, you are, you are.


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