The Loyal Reader Award

The Loyal Reader Award
The Loyal Reader Award

I received this award from my good friend Shaun@ Shaun is really a great friend and supporter. Recently Shaun and his partner Dawn did a post on Vic and I. I was so humbled by the beautiful gesture. Shaun honours Vic’s memories… My first post Shaun ever read was the day Vic died. Since then Shaun has truly become a pillar of strength to me. Thank you Shaun and Dawn for your compassionate caring and support! You deserve to receive this award as well…from me!

The rules are simple, because simple is good.

1. Display the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who sent it to you.

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing.

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader.

Rhetorical Question:

If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive? I wouldn’t. I need electricity, warm water, tea and a bed! I would also need litres of insect repellent! I am a creature of comfort!

Loyal readers who read my blog and speak back – in no particular order:


The people I selected make a great effort to read my blog and leave comments. PLEASE, visit all their blogs, they are amazing people, writers and bloggers.

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I am a sixty plenty wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend. I started blogging as a coping mechanism during my beautiful daughter's final journey. Vic was desperately ill for 10 years after a botched back operation. Vic's Journey ended on 18 January 2013 at 10:35. She was the most courageous person in the world and has inspired thousands of people all over the world. Vic's two boys are monuments of her existence. She was an amazing mother, daughter, sister and friend. I will miss you today, tomorrow and forever my Angle Child.

28 thoughts on “The Loyal Reader Award”

  1. Thank you for your words, I will show Dawn when she comes through from getting the kneecappers to sleep. Dawn has Facebook and asked if I could add you to her’s, if you use it. She doesn’t use it all that often. But she is fun and liked a good chat…

    And Accepted;;
    Thank you T …


  2. You deserve this my friend for all the love and support you offer in the wordpress family, thank you for inviting me to be a part of that, I’m humbled and blessed in getting to know you.


  3. we become “loyal readers” because we care so much about you, vic and the journey that you continue on. even on bad days i try to read your post so i will know how you are doing and what is on your mind. as long as i am here i will be here for you.


  4. Congratulations Tersia – bouquets always help us along the way don’t they !
    And many many thanks for mine – and for thinking of me…Valerie


  5. Thank you, Tersia! I am very touched.

    I am laggardly, to use a wonderful old fashioned term, at claiming awards, besides hopeless at IT, and ran into trouble trying to copy over the last you were kind enough to give me, so I was never able to claim it – but let’s hope the IT doesn’t defeat me with this!


  6. Thanks for the Loyal Reader Award. I truly appreciate it. Here is a quote I think you will appreciate. It made think of you.

    “I think that it must be written somewhere that the virtues of the mother will be visited on the children.”
    -Charles Dickens


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