8 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. “Today” is every day. A mother cannot let go as others seem to be able. My son has been gone from me for 4 1/2 years and it is a living nightmare for me. I have had to “let go” but not willingly. I think the illustration is spot on. My heart is with you.


      1. I meant “letting go” as in the “worldly” existence (no body) kind of way….my heart and mind is stayed on the child who is here in spirit and memories….always.


  2. No, no letting go; as I wrote in my last post, it’s not Philip’s death I have to accept, it’s my grief I have to accept. And I don’t know why, but that made me feel so alone and desolate. Because he’s not coming home and it’s a new level of knowing that.

    Hugs and strength to you, Tersia. XOXOXO


    1. It is so frigging hard. I sometimes just want to give up. Despite having Vic’s boys I feel absolutely desolate and desperately alone. I know you understand. Much love. I too wish we could sit together and just have a cup of tea together…we would be able to talk about our children without fear of reproach!


  3. That would be one long cup of tea as we’d be crying into it so much we’d never get to finish it…who knows what future holds, Tersia? Til then, I’m right with you.



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