22 thoughts on “Crying in the Bank”

  1. Each word of this tore at my heart and caused the tears to flow. Why? because the pain traveled through space and entangled with mine. It tore at me to feel, my friend how deep your pain at having to close Vics account. It is these everyday ‘normal’ things that majority of people do without thinking that once you lose your child becomes nearly insurmountable. It was unfortunate yet a blessing that the lady knew what you were going through and helped you. Prayers and love my friend , prayers and love.


  2. Oh my friend, what you must be feeling no other can understand…as much compassion as we offer, we cannot walk in your shoes. It is enough to face losing your daughter, but all these other things that require closure, are painful reminders. I am sending you the warmest embrace. I’m thinking of you.


  3. my dear tersia my heart breaks for you. although i have not lost a child i did lose someone who i loved like the air i breath. it has been 26 years i can cry like a baby at the most random times. i am not the kind of person who cries easily. your lose is devastating but you are here and there are those who love you and need you. that obviously doesn’t mean you forget vic and your great lose.

    how heartwarming that there was someone there who could embrace you and really know how you are feeling. i would like to add my big warm hugs and love to you my dear friend.


    1. I add to this another one of those awful jabs – that is receiving letters and seeing his name on the envelope. Believe it or not, even after 21 years I’ll occasionally get a letter saying “Jason Unger” with a special offer for a person of the age he would have been if he had lived. He never grows older, but advertisers don’t know that. It tears open my heart each and every time!


  4. I almost cried reading this Tersia. My heart aches for you and goes out to you. I’m glad you had a kind clerk and sadly but helpful in the moment one who could relate. Hugs xo


  5. Tersia – I remember when I had to do the same thing for my son. It is so brutally real and painful. I am grateful there was a woman who really understood how hard it was for you and shared that with you. Gentle hugs <3


  6. I remember when I had to ask the bank for Philip’s bank records. Thank God my husband closed his account – I just couldn’t deal with another thing that meant Philip was dead. Thinking of you, Tersia, and sending warm hugs.


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