Sunday, Sunday — Can’t Trust That Day

Dee articulates the pain and loss of losing a child. The loss of not only her child but of those we relied on to support us through the most dreadful loss ever. It is only on WordPress that we are safe and surrounded with love and understanding.
Thank you Dee.


Sunday. Father’s Day. As many remembered and/or honored their own father yesterday, there are fathers among us who are living without a child which adds a new level of discomfort and sorrow to the day. My husband is an excellent father and it pains me that he not only knows the loss of his own father but is also a father living with the unnatural loss of one of his children. Amy would have given her father some over the top expensive gift. Money was never an object for my generous one. Her absence is a flashing neon light with an alarm which randomly goes off depending where you step each and every day.

Having recently recovered from Mother’s Day, I know how difficult and complicated Father’s Day is for a parent living without their child. Our children have always made it a point to honor us as parents and…

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