“Grief Illiteracy”

So $@%$# true…


A dreary day like today would be a good day to clean out my bedroom closet. Instead I am trying to process something I read earlier this week which continues to disturb me.

My friend, who is also a grieving Mom, sent me a link to a well-written raw response to a “pastor’s” misguided views on grievers. I am not going to mention this “pastor” by name or toot the name of his book. I base my opinion on the information provided in the response written by Lynda Cheldelin Fell in theblaze.com as well as book reviews I found online.

Ms. Cheldelin writes:

“For your trespasses against the bereaved are not your fault. Sadly, you portray the perfect example of a larger problem in our society known as grief illiteracy.

Grief illiteracy is a dreadfully expensive and problematic issue in America costing millions in lost wages, lost relationships, lost health…

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