Something to think about …. “Define priorities or stop pretending”!!

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~~September 9, 2015~~ 


The Devastation Wrought By ISIS Has Forced 4,000,000 Into Camps

These families have witnessed horrors beyond belief.

Had they remained they would have been slaughtered.

Now they live in tents, with limited access to food water. Supplies are limited and tens-of-thousands are fleeing to Europe.

Even in this crisis, food is being cut off to 200,000 refugees.




In my humble opinion, this graph addresses several topics. All of them controversial.

There are religious people who stand strong in their belief that an unborn child, a zygote, a fetus, should be protected at all costs.

Others have expressed their negative opinions towards refugees in this global movement caused directly by the conflicts and wars in the Middle East.

Many governments in the European Union have turned their back on them.

It’s the people of…

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