Vicky Qualifies as a Hospice Candidate…

Vic's Final Journey

Schedule 6 medication – 28 days supply

Just seconds ago I was thinking “What a glorious wonderful day…” when the thought crossed my mind “Hang on a minute…. It is a glorious day because Hospice have agreed to evaluate my sick child????”

Hello!!! How sick is that that our lives has degenerated into a hellhole where Hospice is good news!!

This morning Christa, an internationally acclaimed pain expert, came to evaluate Vic at home. She spent a lot of time with Danie and me to build up a case history on Vic. Christa works for Janssen Pharmaceutical Company as a “Medical Scientific Liaison: Pain”… Part of her responsibilities is to liaise and advise the Pain Clinic and Hospice as an expert!

It was as if a floodgate opened. I rambled on about Vic’s (health) background, history, symptoms, operations, treatment and decisions. I showed X-Rays and photo’s of Vic abdomen…

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3 thoughts on “Vicky Qualifies as a Hospice Candidate…

  1. that any patient or their family has to be pushed so hard that being admitted in to hospice is a relief should be criminal. chris has from time to time along with my sister has asked why i can’t get assistance with hospice. to explain to them no matter my stage of kidney disease, internal bleeding, liver disease or achingly tired heart, a doctor would have to be willing to say i have less than six months to live. unless you are within breathes of death there isn’t a dr here who would commit to that.

    when i read that vic was in hospice i felt relief for you both. i still do. i think of vic every day and use her story whenever i feel it will make a difference in someones life. she lives on through her story. you are so amazing for continuing to give of your self and your beautiful vic.


    1. Yes I agree with you my friend. It is an absolute disgrace. Thank you so much for remembering Vic. You are the amazing one and I use your (and Julie’s) love stories where ever I can. I think of you every day and always sigh a sigh of relief when I see a new post from you! Much love my brave friend!

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