Never Alone


Yesterday I was really angry with Vic and the unfairness of life!!  I know it was because Jared was hurting and I was scared.  I watched nurses put needles and IV’s into my beautiful grandson.  I saw him being wheeled into theater for the second time this year.  I remembered how ill he was as a baby and a toddler.  I felt the same fear strike at my heart as 13 years ago…

I wish I could protect my child and her sons from the pain, fear and uncertainty that they live with every day of their lives.  I wish I could hold them close and ward off all hardship, pain and fear.  I cannot.  I can only promise that I will never desert them.  I will continue looking for brave doctors and cures….

So tonight I dedicate this song sung by Lady Antebellum to Vic, Jared and Jon-Daniel

I love you my beautiful Vic.  Your boys are my life.