Remission 15.10.2012

Vic and her boys!

On the 17th of September Vicky was accepted onto the Hospice program.  Dr Sue Walters, the Hospice doctor and Sr Ceza, Hospice Nursing Sister, thought she would die within days.  Vic was barely conscious  and too weak to walk.  Vic was breathing but had already ceased to live!

In two days’ time we celebrate Vic’s “One Month with Hospice” and I think she is getting stronger every day.  We still have bad days but her pain control is great!  Vic is reasonably mobile; she laughs and spends constructive time with the boys and the family!  She is sorting out photos and all sorts of things that she has neglected for months.  She is spending less time in bed.  She is sleeping less and eating more.

It is as if she has a new lease on life!

Could it be possible that the pain was killing her? Is it possible that the adhesions have stopped their devastating path of destruction?  That just maybe the sepsis has cleared?

Vic still needs assistance with basics.  Vic could live like this.  We could live like this.  Please let this continue!  Today I pray that this is the case.  I pray for a miracle.  I pray that Vic is in remission.

Remission (medicine), the state of absence of disease activity in patients with a chronic illness, with the possibility of return of disease activity.