The final battle

Vic and JD watching a movie on the laptop
Vic and JD watching a movie on the laptop

For the past couple of days JD has not eaten well and lost control over her bowels a couple of times.  This morning she looked at me with her beautiful, soulful brown eyes and whimpered….

A couple of times we have had her paloured for her final journey and then my courage forsook me.  I kept finding excuses why she should not go for an injection.  Her cough was better, “she has a sparkle in her eye”,” she “bounced” around her snack”….  Yesterday I gave her some of her all time favorite treats i.e. dried sausage (droëwors) and she did not touch it!

Last night she sat upright – I think it was too difficult to breathe.  JD had congenital heart failure.

Today Danie came home from a business appointment and I said “It is time”.  He knew exactly what I was saying.  Vic came through and sat on the carpet with JD.  She said goodbye.   I picked JD up and walked to the car.  Danie drove.

We took JD to our local SPCA.  A young, sympathetic, female veterinarian asked me if I wanted to leave.  I said “No.”  She battled to find a vein.  “It’s the congenital heart failure” she said.

“She is almost 16 years old” I said.

“Wow, she is really very old.  She is a pretty little dog” she said

“Have you ever had a dog euthanized?”  she asked

“No” I said

“I will inject an anesthetic into her veins and she will fall asleep.  She may have a muscle contraction or a bowel movement.  It will be unpleasant for you but not for JD.  She would have passed on.”

“Okay” I said

She found a vein and JD slipped away whilst my tears fell on her coat.

At 12:05 on the 24th of August 2012 JD went to Doggie Heaven.