UK Arrival

Mackenzie, Chloe and Georgia
Tears welled up in Vic’s eyes when I said goodbye.  “Have a wonderful time Mommy.  Give my love to my brother, Mac and the girls…”

“We will Skype every day angel”  I promised

“Bring our cuzzies back in your suitcase Oumie”  Jared said

And then we were on our way to the airport.  It took every ounce of my strength not to stay.  I kept seeing Vic’s tear filled eyes….

It was a wonderful flight.  I literally slept from Johannesburg to London.  I had a cup of tea at the airport and caught the coach to Coventry.  I slept from Heathrow to Coventry….

It was so great seeing Michaela again.  We had lots of tea and chatted non-stop.  Mackenzie, the one-year old baby cried and would not sit with me.  We pull faces at her and chat on Skype but that is so different to real life.  She will warm to her Oumie!

At 3pm we first collected Georgia from Nursery School.  She was quietly sitting on the carpet in her class and when she saw me she just mouthed “Oumie…”  We hugged and kissed and she held onto me as if to say “Don’t go…”

At 3.15pm Chloe’s classroom doors opened.  Chloe was sitting next to a little boy and did not notice me at first.  Her teacher called out her name and she got up to walk out of her classroom.  Her blue eyes connected with mine and disbelief spread over her little face.  She went from walking to flying!

We spent a wonderful afternoon playing and chatting.  I got to help with the girls bathing.  Mackenzie no longer cries when I come near her and her sister wanted to sleep in my bed with me….

I am such a blessed woman.  I am surrounded by love.


26 thoughts on “UK Arrival

  1. sometimes i have to remind chris that my tears do not mean i want him to change his plans. i can only imagine that she was sad she couldn’t go with you and see her sister and nieces/nephews.

    so happy you decided to go! remember you, as well as your other children, deserve to have this time.


  2. Ag het sommer trane in my oé nee ek jok ek snik soos ‘n babatje Sorry I’m crying like a baby reading this. Enjoy every moment.


  3. I understand your and the kids emotions, there are always tears the day you arrive and then a few days before you leave again. But so importants to tear yourself away from SA grandchildren to be Abroad grandchildren. We need to change iur QE2 plans, to Fly from family to Family all over the world. Two little Gypsies on the run. Just need someone to carry and pack our cases. Enjoy your time in Coventery.


    1. Love your new idea!! I think it is the best ever. We can go from one grandchild to the next. Between the two of us and all our grandchildren we will only get to spend 3 weeks per year with each one….We won’t need homes!!


  4. I am so glad that you are there, please soak up all the love and rest and the beautiful countryside. You deserve every minute of it and Vic will be looked after by your excellant support group.


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