Tomorrow may be a rough day



Vic’s arm is very painful.  The antibiotics have not started working yet.  Dr Sue will come and see her tomorrow morning, and we will then decide whether it warrants hospitalization.  Obviously Vic need intravenous antibiotics and her tissue is too poor….

Tonight Vic had one of her worst vomiting spells yet.  It happened after 02:00am and her dinner of 7.30pm had not digested yet.  It is obvious that the oral antibiotics are not being absorbed.

Vic was very tired today, but insisted on going with Jon-Daniel to the orthodontist.  In years to come will he remember that his mommy was with him when he heard his orthodontic treatment ends on the 1st of February at 09:15am?

My sister phoned tonight.  She categorically told me that I have no business injecting Vic.  Nurses go to College for 4 or 5 years so they know what they are doing…. I did not even bother to explain that it is the Hospice site that is bad… My two sites are only in the beginning stages of going septic…  I wonder whether she remembered that Vic has sepsis in her spine and abdomen…

The pethidine has kicked in.  My child is in a pain-free sleep.  I will now try to sleep.  Tomorrow may be a rough day.


9 thoughts on “Tomorrow may be a rough day

  1. No one understands Vic’s body the way you do. I have watched and walked and talked with you and there is no way anyone can nurse Vic with such compassion as you do. I believe you know more about Vic’s condition than most surgeons. You might not have a Dr’s degree but you definitely have a QBE degree (qualified by experience). How many times have we not seen Vicky’s arms, abdomen, buttocks with the same infections, even when in hospital. When you are awak at 4am and need to talk I am just a call away. Let your fingers do the walking and I will do the talking. Pray you and Vic together with boys have a restful, pain free weekend. Take Care


  2. I know that for the most part people mean well when inflicting their own beliefs in to another. We all have histories that create what we belief to be true. Your sister reacting to how you are caring for Vic is based I am sure on her own beliefs and possibly ignorance. I try to be tolerant in situation that are similar come to my heart.
    I can only say that you handled the input from your sis with more grace than I can imagine ever having in just one finger. Bravo you!

    (Note to you: I have my alerts fixed finally after10 days without. so will not be missing any more new post alerts from you)


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