12 thoughts on “Vic’s angel

  1. I wish words could do more.
    T, You have Skype, PLEASE, Anytime ok. If anything I will cheer you up, make you laugh..
    I want to take your pain away..



    1. Dear Shaun, what an amazing caring person you are. I am not a talker. I hate phones. Just dropping a note in my safe haven means everything to me. You cannot take my pain away. It is embedded in my heart and soul. If you had to see me in real life you would see a smiling face, someone who is functioning perfectly. My blog is where I bare my soul. Thank you precious friend for caring!


      1. I know T, I know…xx
        I can’t take away your pain, but if I could, I need you to know I would. I always will drop a note into your save haven. Skype, cool.,I am just a bleather mouth.
        I bear my soul, and thank you also for being a true, real, genuine, loving, caring friend. Hugs, and I love you..x



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