Birthday wishes from Heaven

Yesterday it was my birthday.

On Sunday I surrounded myself with my Steel Magnolia friends and loved ones.  Everyone tried so hard to make things better and easier for me.  The little girls especially were so sweet.  Jon-Daniel was very quiet and avoided me. Jared was gentle and loving.

I thought I hid my feelings well.  I laughed loud and a lot. When everyone sang “happy birthday” I saw sadness, for me, in my one friend’s eyes.  No matter how much I laughed and smiled she saw through my mask…

Some people know our souls. They see our hearts. They care enough to want to protect.


I took a sleeping tablet Sunday night.  I normally wake up early enough to see the sun come up.  I just lie and watch the light increase through the branches of the big oak tree.  This is my “reflection time”.  I was determined to sleep for as long as possible.

I still sleep on the sofa in my TV lounge.  I have not been able to move back into my bedroom.  I still lie on the sofa waiting for Vic to either call me or come shuffling down the passage.  I seldom sleep before 2am.  That was pain meds time…

Yesterday morning I woke up from a slight noise in the kitchen.  I knew it was either Danie or the boys making tea.  The next moment I heard people singing.  It was my Steel Magnolia friend, Rina, the boys and Danie.  She had colluded with the boys and Danie the previous day.  She sneaked in with wonderful warm scones, cheese and cream.  The boys made tea…

It was a very difficult day.  I took no phonecalls…I only spoke with my siblings, the kids and one other friend.  I attended the funeral of an old friend.  I never cried a single tear.

Last night we went to dinner and movies.  We watched a slapstick comedy.  When we got home I had to clear out my car as it was booked for a service today.  When I emptied the cubbyhole I discovered an old birthday card from Vic… The card was dated 9.12.2000

Bday card cover 2000 Bday card 2000All the cards I ever received from Vic, Danie, the other kids and grandchildren are in a beautiful memory box.  I simply just don’t understand how this card landed up in the cubbyhole of my car.

I am so blessed.  It was a good birthday.  I was surrounded by love and friendship. I received birthday wishes from heaven!  

Thank you my precious Angel Child.  I love you with all my heart.  It is such a comfort knowing that you are with me.  I am grateful that you knew how much I loved you.






My Angel up in Heaven ~ Written by Dave Hedges

Re-posted from  This blog belongs to a dear friend of mine.  Len Williams-Carver who lost her daughter tragically in 2011 – not through illness but Klysta was murdered!  Len posted this, and now I am reposting these beautiful words.  Thank you my dear friend!!  You are in my heart!

IMG_2092 1

My angel up in heaven, I wanted you to know,
I feel you watching over me, everywhere I go.
I wish you were with me, but that can never be,
Memories of you in my heart, that only I can see.
My angel up in heaven, I hope you understand,
That I would give anything, if I could hold your hand.
I’d hold you oh so tightly, and never let you go,
And all the love inside of me, to you I would show.
My angel up in heaven, for now we are apart,
You’ll always live inside of me, deep within my heart.

KLYSTA LaNELL  08-20-1969 to 02-19-2011
My beautiful daughter, my heart void.

VICKY BRUCE 31-08-1974 TO 18-01-2013

My beautiful daughter, my Angel Child.

21 long weeks of grief

Vic's last ever outing
Vic’s last ever outing

Thinking of You with Love
We thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday,
and days before that too.
We think of you in silence,
we often speak your name.
All we have are memories,
and your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake,
with which we will never part.
God has you in His keeping,
we have you in our hearts.
A million times we`ve wanted you.
A million times we cried.
If love could only have saved you,
you never would have died.
It broke our hearts to lose you.
But you didn`t go alone.
For a part of us went with you…
the day God called you Home.
~Author Unknown