25 thoughts on “My beautiful child

  1. I feel like Vicky could have been my best friend. What an angel! She speaks to me and I can see where she is with you always, Tersia. Her eyes tell quite a story. Did you know that is what brought me to read your blog? It was the picture of Vic’s eyes in pain. That picture has stayed with me. I love how you keep your daughter’s memory alive. I know you are suffering terribly with the anguish only a bereaved mother can know. I wish it were easier and I am so sorry, Tersia.


      1. Gloria my heart bleeds for you. I read and felt your pain, again, today. I too hide my pain from the “real” world. I think of you every day of my life hoping that the day will be a better one!


      2. Oh, Tersia… I think of you, and feel your words, also. I’m so glad we can reach out, knowing someone understands… though… I’m so sad that you, or anyone else has to know such pain, such… grief. Everything is going to be alright… until the next time… and we’ll go through it again, and again… and it’ll keep being alright… over, and over.


  2. How heartbreaking is this; you want the pictures, you want to see, you love so much; but it’s torturous. I’ll tell you – still, I feel like I can’t live like this, I can’t live with what I know and what it feels like to lose my child. It’s too much to carry; but people do it, I will do it and I am so angry that he’s gone, so goddamn angry. She is beautiful and I am so sorry for what you’re suffering because I’m suffering it, too, and every time I hear a child has died I lose another piece of my heart.


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