How I wish that Vic’s heart was still beating! I wish I could hug someone knowing that she had given them life. What a beautiful gift! The gift of life.


On January 1, 2014 my son gave the gift of life so that others may live out of his death. On this day someone received his heart among other organs. The letter we received in the mail 7 weeks later only  that simply said, “Richie’s heart was transplanted into a 68 year-old married gentleman from Georgia. His transplant center informed us that he had been on the transplant waiting list since October of 2013.” That is all we knew about him. We now knew he was a man and his age. something to hold onto.

I quickly wrote him back. Eager to learn more of this man with my son’s heart. And also to just know that he was doing well. Then we received a letter from him. It arrived at the end of March but was dated on Valentine’s Day. I now knew his name! Lance! He spoke of…

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