The focus today was Hospice.

The physician came in today and suggested that once Vic is well enough to be discharged we should have her admitted to a Step-Down facility.  A Step-Down facility is an in-between Hospital and Home facility…How wonderful would that be!

Vic refused. 

Well, the meeting with Prof Froehlich went quite well, if she keeps to her commitment!  She will engage in a discussion with the Pain Clinic’s Social Worker and Home Nursing Representative who deals with Hospice.  I also got a letter from the Physician and Orthopod treating Vic at the Union.  I will submit these letters to Hospice and if they refuse to treat Vic I will take them to the Constitutional Court.  So help me God I will not give up!

Jon-Daniel posted on his BBM status that “No child should ever hear their mother cry from pain”.   No child should have to.  I know that Sunday evening’s fall (Hero to Zero) will haunt the boys and me forever! 

Vic is just a bundle of pain today.  Danie sat with her whilst I was at the Pain Clinic.  We insisted that the boys go to Gold Reef City as planned.  Jared needs to get his mind off his operation and Jon-Daniel needs to be with his big brother.  They were traumatized by Vic’s fall.  I hope they have a wonderful day!!

Tonight we planned on taking them to dinner as it would the last good meal that Jared will have in many months!  Maybe I can find someone to sit with Vic. Jared’s surgery is major.  It is to repair an underdeveloped reflux valve, hiatus hernia and creating a junction to tummy due to scar tissue formed from burning.  I have a lot of confidence in the specialist surgeon.  My biggest concern is how I am going to keep Vic in bed…Fortunately they will both be in the same hospital!

I am so tired.   I have slept in a chair at the hospital and have no intention of leaving until Vic can cope without me.  Hospitals are noisy and Vic is in so much pain when she moves!!