Thank you for memories

Jon-Daniel has had the best birthday ever!  Yesterday he left school early for extra time with his Mom, we had a fun family lunch and then there was a cake and tea last night at his Dad’s. 

Today it was his birthday party and Vic was well enough to enjoy it!  It was a glorious summer day; the pool was a sparkling blue, the trees and grass a vivid green….  The sun shone and sparkled on Vic’s hair as she stood watching the children play. 

Vic helped laying out the table, she bought helium balloons, she refused to sit or lie down.  She insisted on carrying Jon-Daniels birthday cake!  She started the singing.  She laughed and glowed with pride.  For a single day Vic looked just like a normal, healthy Mommy.  I could hear her heart crying…. “this is the last birthday I will have with my son”

I thank God for a glorious day and memories.  I thank God for granting Vic the joy of celebrating her baby boy’s 14th birthday.

Happy birthday my precious son!
Miracle Mom



5 thoughts on “Thank you for memories

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