Tears and prayers…


I started wrapping Christmas gifts today.  It is such a fun part of Christmas.  Vic came and sat with me.  Her face incredibly sad… “What’s wrong Baby?”

“My heart is hurting Mommy.”

“Vic there is nothing wrong with your heart?  Do you have pain?  What’s wrong?” I panicked.

Vic laughed …”No Mommy, my heart is sad.  I think it is my last Christmas…”

“Baby, the doctors said you would not live to be 12 and you are still alive.  You will beat this again….”

My little angel girl looked at me with so much sadness in her eyes…It broke my heart.  In my heart I know she is right.

“Mom I am so lonely…”

“I know Baby.”

“Everybody has somebody – I miss having a partner, a soul mate…”

“I know Angel.  I was on my own for a long time – remember?”

“Yes but now you have Dad.  I will never have someone in my life again….” Vic said

I have no words for my child.  Only tears and prayers….