38 forever…

I was reading a comment from Lucinda @ http://sophieandemile.wordpress.com/ Elliot  – “Still cheering you on, Tersia, though I often don’t know what to say; others must know much better. In that photo, Vic, though desperately ill at the time, still looks lovely. She will always be lovely and young in your memory, though you would have loved to see her turn grey in late middle age. You are right to hold on to the ashes if it feels right to have them as part of the house.” when I started giggling.

I realised, that Vic is sitting in Heaven giggling because she fooled Father Time… Vic is 38 forever!

Forever my beautiful baby girl
Forever my beautiful baby girl

Thank you Lucinda!



Angel of Light

IMG_8597Today was a particularly bad day.  For the first time since Vic’s memorial service I attended a Church Service.  I dreaded the arms of comfort and gentle words of sympathy that was inevitable.  Danie went with me.  As we walked into the doors the arms were there…hugging and patting!  Our entry caused a little stir among the congregation..

Danie took my hand and led me to our old place in the pews.  People actually got up from where they were sitting to come and say “Hello” and “I am praying for you”…. Tears just ran down my cheeks and I COULD NOT stop crying!  All I could see in my mind’s eye was my beautiful, precious child’s coffin in the front on the church – surrounded by white candles and St Josephs lilies.

The worship team started singing, and I could not even see the words on the screen through my tears.

As the service went I calmed down.  I kept telling myself to “get a grip” which I eventually did.

After the service I cried in the embrace of my minister, church friends and acquaintances.

This evening I opened my emails and found a beautiful email from Jane@  http://johannisthinking.com/.  I wanted to post some of it with the beautiful picture and went into her blog to copy her blog address when I found this amazing poem that I am going to share with you.

 Jane’s writes in her Email:-


You are NOT alone—-there is LIGHT all around YOU!   When I found this…I thought….Yes, this is Tersia!   …and your daughter is surrounding YOU with love and light!  BELIEVE it!You deserve to live in the LIGHT…..and it is NOT wrong to be happy….Vic is at peace and living in the LIGHT……and one day you will find her again…….until then…be gentle to YOU…..what would you tell her to do IF the situation was reversed?  What if you were the ONE who had to leave this Mother Earth ?   What would you say to your daughter?   You say you “two are ONE”—-and I do believe it is true———   so speak to your inner child as you would speak to her!  WE ALL NEED YOUR VOICE!

I cried again.  I am so grateful that the goodness and the light that surrounded Vic and radiated from her, is seen by the world.  Thank you dear Jane for telling me.  Thank you for your words, your poetry and above all the Angel of Light.   Thank you for caring!!

Dedicated to Tersia Burger
between the deep sighs
tears fall one by one
ridding the pitchblende
ever so slowly they form
water tears
will they ever end
water crystal healers
nature taking care of you
helping you transcend
freeing you
until…you find yourself
home again…


ice-kaleidoscope (Photo credit: JeremyO\K)


So, today was emotional but healing! I was surrounded by love and compassion.  For the first time in a long time I did not feel isolated in my grief. 

So to every one who comments and emails; I thank you for your love and support in my journey of mourning my child.  For many years I have had a fear of allowing people close to me – I truly fear that they will betray my trust and friendship.  I KNOW I must allow people close

to me.  Blogging is allowing me see that there is kindness, goodness and unconditional caring out there….

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Never gone away…

Vic and her boys in healthier days!
Vic and her boys in healthier days!

I have received countless beautiful messages of encouragement, love, compassion and caring on my blog.   Vic read my blog every day.  The last couple of blogs I deleted because even I could read the despair in my words.  Vic was in emotional anguish.  She kept saying “Mommy, I don’t want to die””  or “Mommy, I am so scared”.  She would wake up and cry with fear…

I have not replied to all the messages, but will systematically work my way through it.  I did read the messages of encouragement and support to Vic.  Right up until the end….  Vic loved the support we received.

It may come as a shock, but I am actually a very private person and allow very few people close to me.   Through my blog people have come close to me, reached out and touched my hand and heart and I thank you for it!  Vic often said she wanted to write and thank you all for your love and support.  Sadly she never got to do it.

Over the past 8 months I have laughed and cried with you as you have laughed and cried with me.  Some of you have written Vic beautiful poems and others have dedicated songs.  

Thank you so much for your loving concern.  For allowing us to enter your lives; for your encouragement and support.  I shall continue to blog our survival journey.

Judy Unger  http://myjourneysinsight.com/2013/01/28/never-gone-away/ has on a regular basis written me encouraging emails and shared her beautiful songs with us.  I would like to share this special lady’s one email with you.

Jan 22, 2013

Hi Tersia,

 I am continuing to write to you. You have entered the awful hole. You are now a member of the bereaved mother’s club. No one wants to join this club.

I read your post. The numbness is very bizarre. What purpose is there left to living – where did she go? I remember it all.

I continue to compose and sing. I was stunned when I wrote and recorded my new song “Angel in the Sky” just two weeks ago. Never has such a beautiful song come out of the sky to bless me. It is many years along for me – so I can sing about my angel with sweetness and without pain. I dream of when that time will come for you. For now, close your eyes and think of Angelic Vicky holding you tight.”

This is Judy’s latest song that she dedicated to her son who died 18 years ago.  It is crystal clear that 18 years down the line Judy still mourns her son…  I know in another 18 years I will still be mourning my baby girl’s passing.   Thank you dear Judy for sharing your beautiful song with us.

Copyright 2011 by Judy Unger
I know that soon you will leave me
how will I ever say goodbye?
there’s so much you’ve left me
I’ll try hard not to cry
and when you’ve left you’ll still be with me
in all the songs I’ll long to play
every time I see a smile
you’ll have never gone away
It always seems to me, that whenever I was down
your hand was the one holding mine
but your fingers I’ll let go of now; how I long to hold on
you’ll touch so many others when you’re gone
I know that soon you will leave me
how will I ever say goodbye?
there’s so much you’ve left me
I’ll try hard not to cry
when you’ve left you’ll still be with me
in all the songs I’ll long to play
every time I see a smile
you’ll have never gone away
Sometimes I will stop and wonder
you’ll know what I am feeling
I’ll hear your laughter in my mind
I’ll remember all our special moments
They’ll run by with a tear
You’ll leave, but in my heart, you’re still here
And I know that soon you will leave me
how will I ever say goodbye?
there’s so much you’ve left me
I’ll try hard not to cry
when you’ve left you’ll still be with me
in all the songs I’ll long to play
every time I see a smile
you’ll have never gone away
you’ll have never gone away

Jan. 23, 2013

Hi Tersia,

 Tersia, what can I say? I read your post. It is unbearable. There are no words. I think every bereaved parent suffers the helplessness of being unable to save his or her baby. Vic is your baby. The horror of her ending will eventually fade, but your opera has begun.

The amputation of a soul – there are no words for it. You will emerge from the fog, you will get through this – and you have already been through so much already. You had goodbyes – something that many bereaved parents long for. But with the goodbyes came god-awful suffering and trauma. How can you let go of that?

I think of the lyrics from my “Angel” song – “My lovely light – just not in sight.” Vic will always light your way now. She is not in sight – but that doesn’t mean she isn’t with you.

I know Vic is with me.  I still smell her, sense her presence and find notes of love everywhere.  Vic will always be the light of my life.  I love and miss you Angel Child!!!

Vicky Bruce 31.8.1974 to 18.1.2013

Vicky Bruce, brave warrior, beloved mother of Jared and Jon-Daniel Sadie, beautiful daughter of Tersia and Danie Burger, sister and friend lost her brave battle against Osteogenesis Imperfecta on 18 January 2013. Finally, you can run angel child!  Your incredible will to live and your beautiful soul will live on in your amazing sons.  They are truly monuments that will honour you forever.  You are finally free and reunited with you Daddy, Moekie and Gramps.!  Run Vic run! Love you now and forever baby!

Vicky Bruce
Vicky Bruce